ZELITRON SA, with the technical expertise, experience and qualified personnel, provides qualitative and reliable services in the IoT (Internet of Things) market.


Turn key IoT Services

Nowadays the word “communication” has a broader meaning. The evolution of technology today allows, other than communication between people, communication between devices to take place also. IoT technologies allow the exchange of information between devices and their remote control, allowing companies to manage their resources, assets, personnel in a more productive way while improving customer service and reducing their operating costs.

M2M services are based on telematic and telemetry devices that use the mobile network (GSM, GPRS, 3G) for exchanging informative data with applications that are accessible by the final user via Internet from a personal computer or mobile phone with internet connectivity


What are the benefits from using IoT Services?

Today companies are always seeking new ways to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction in order to gain competitive advantage against their competitors, while reducing operational costs.

The M2M services provided by ZELITRON SA, include all the required telematic and telemetry equipment and access to the software platforms so that the service is provisioned over a fixed monthly fee.








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Fleet & Asset Management

ZELITRON SA, has developed and provides via Vodafone, the ZeliTrack Fleet Management system, used by end users for monitoring and exporting analytical reports regarding the use of the fleet of vehicles.

The service offers easy and economical management of the vehicles of the company with 24/7 -365 days per year, access with no need for additional IT equipment and installation costs on the company premises

Benefits of the service:

  • Reduction of the distribution cost of products and in fuel cost
  • Better management and faster customer support
  • Increase productivity and security of the fleet and freight

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AMM – Smart Metering

The smart metering  platform provides the capability to end users for remote consumption data collection and statistical representation on reports.


The offered service applies to:

The end user has the capability of collecting metering and statistical information via the Internet as it concerns consumption, alerts for events, comparative consumption data etc.


Connected Cabinets

Asset Management

Connected Cabinets Monitoring Service

Connected Cabinets Monitoring is a reliable and high quality service designed for remote monitoring and management of large number of static assets. Solution transforms assets into connected, intelligent assets able to report their location, operational status and stock levels in real-time.

Solution is tailored specifically for retail display cabinet, such as ice cream cabinets and beverage coolers owned by fast-moving consumer goods companies, beverage companies and retailers, but can be as easily used with other static assets

The managed service includes a robust low-cost device integrated into the asset, for monitoring and transmitting the collected data at specified time intervals back to Vodafone data centers, allowing the asset owner to access the data in real time over a web portal. User can also define thresholds/alerts and integrate real-time data into its business processes.


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Custom M2M Solutions


Customised M2M Solutions

ZELITRON SA, closely monitors the evolving and rapidly growing M2M communications market, and either adapts the products to the new technologies by adding new features and capabilities on the platforms used for the provision of the services offered and managed, or develops new products to meet the new needs risen.


In this sense, ZELITRON is always available to listen and to understand in depth the needs of any end-user and provide solutions that will meet all needs.


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